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Location:Hong Kong
If you think this is a parody of a certain snotty, wanky SFF writer, you are correct.

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androids, arctic foxes, asexuality, basking-in-my-own-magnificence, bees, being a narcissist, being better than you, being non-cis, being rich and beautiful, biology, butterflies, catherynne valente, concern trolling, death threats, dennis r. upkins, diamonds, elaine cunningham, fake apologies, fantasy, flaming people, frothing at the mouth, globe trotting, hating apple, hating asian-amerikans, hating bioware, hating british people, hating cindy pon, hating david gaider, hating dresden files, hating ed greenwood, hating fail fandom anon, hating harry potter, hating laurel k. hamilton, hating link's queen, hating mary sues, hating nk jemisin, hating slash, hating smut, hating the hunger games, hating white women, hating ya literature, having refined taste, holding court, house beesbury, knights of the old republic, laughing at peasants, lesbianism, luxury, makeup, my trust fund, nick mamatas, not having feelings, pretending to hate consumerism, protesting too much, science fiction, secretly liking china miéville, secretly liking grrm, secretly liking neil gaiman, secretly liking terry pratchett, sneering at amerikans, sock puppets, starting flame wars, the witcher, trolling, true art, yachts
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