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 Today, I thought about contacting Wordpress to request the suspension of my stalker's blog, but I decided against it, because it'll take way too much effort and I much prefer to spend my time wanking on twitter, cuddling with my thesaurus, and touching myself while thinking of genocide. 

Plus, leaving my stalker's blog up also other people to know how incredibly awesome I really am. I bet Amerikwans and Limeys read it with envy. 

I was a bit worn out, anyway. It took a lot of effort to CAPSLOCK RAGE about Teresa Nielsen Hayden and Fail Fandom Anon and how they're awful garbage so all my followers will feel sorry for me and buy my books. I mean, Teresa Nielsen Hayden is an ugly fat old hag with health problems and Fail Fandom Anon are a bunch of morons who are obviously just jealous of my elegant lifestyle, my refined taste, and my brilliant prose!

Secretly, though, I read Fail Fandom Anon, Laura Mixon, and TNH religiously to see when they mention me. I thrive on being hated, which is why I constantly bring it up on twitter, even though I pretend that I want to be positive. 
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